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Replacing 4,200t of steel, installation of some 3.5km of 1" to 16" of pipes
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CNIC has taken tough measures to combat the deadly corona virus that has been ravaging the population for some time now.


The first step was taken through a service note signed March 20, 2020, by management, calling on workers and visitors to observe some measures which include:

  • The compulsory washing or disinfecting of hands after clocking in and out on a daily basis ;
  • taking of temperature of workers every morning ;
  • obligatory wearing of face masks ;
  • continuous sensitization of workers who are feeling ill to stay at home.

In order to in force these measures, the company health practitioner and officials of the QHSE department organized sensitization talks with all the workers on the four sites, fielding questions and dishing out answers and clarifications concerning the pandemic.

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