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Replacing 4,200t of steel, installation of some 3.5km of 1" to 16" of pipes
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These words were re-echoed by several dignitaries at the esplanade of the ministry of transport, January 25, 2019.


CNIC like other companies under the supervision of that ministry dispatched a delegation led by Chairman Louis-Claude Nyassa to the New Year wishes ceremony of the minister of transport and minister delegate, Ngalle Bibehe Jean Ernest and Njoya Zakariaou, respectively. In his entourage were: Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, Roland Maxime Aka’a Ndi’i, Jean Alain Dorier, Ngo Hega Mispa, Fokam Zephyrin, Ngando Hermine Yolande , among others.

Three key points characterized the event: First there were awards of medals to some retired workers of the ministry of transport. The second phase was a speech from the secretary general, Jean Pierre Soh who made a resumé of the ministry’s balance sheet for 2018. In the list of achievements, he cited the successful execution of the social plan in CNIC and some progress made at the Limbe Shipyard Project.

The last point which was the key note address of the minister had to do with prospection. The minister announced that the government plans to allocate FCFA 200 million to CNIC to construct some wells in the country.

The highly animated occasion ended with handshakes as delegations filed past the minister and minister delegate.



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