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Replacing 4,200t of steel, installation of some 3.5km of 1" to 16" of pipes
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The session that was dedicated to the examination and adoption of the 2019 budget equally witnessed some issues discussed.

The Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd otherwise abbreviated CNIC in French adopted the 2019 budget on February 27, 2019. The meeting that was presided at by the company Board chair Louis-Claude Nyassa ended with the adoption of some resolutions.

Before deliberating on the budget, Board Members examined the state of the execution of the resolutions and recommendations adopted at the 135th and 136th board sessions, report of the 2018 activities, and report of the execution of the 2018 budget.

Another highlight of the session was the creation of a commission in charge of public contracts in Douala as well as a special commission in charge of public contracts at the Limbe Shipyard project.


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