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Replacing 4,200t of steel, installation of some 3.5km of 1" to 16" of pipes
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In a bid to implement some of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue that took place in Yaounde on September 30, 2019, the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd (CNIC) has instituted a Cultural Day to promote bilingualism and multiculturalism.


Two standing orders were signed on November 1, 2019, by the CEO Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, instituting a dressing code and the use of official languages (English and French) on Wednesdays and Friday.

While Order N° 058/UCOM&RP/CTIC/DGA/DG/CNIC institutes language preference for incoming and out coming mails in CNIC, another Order N° 060/UCOM&RP/CTIC/DGA/DG/CNIC announces bilingualism and multiculturalism days.

The responds have so far been positive. On Wednesdays, workers put on their traditional regalia, speak and write exclusively French, while on Fridays; they wear traditional attires of different cultures, speak and write exclusively in English.

Meanwhile the GM who is bent on seeing this practice succeeds, moves round offices to ensure that his instructions are not being flouted.

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