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Replacing 4,200t of steel, installation of some 3.5km of 1" to 16" of pipes

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SAGO 2022: CNIC at the hub


Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd, otherwise known by it’s French acronym as CNIC was one of the companies that pulled the strings at this year’s SAGO jamboree. The event...

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CNIC-MINTP rekindled


A convention N° 159/CC/MINTP-CNIC signed between CNIC and the ministry of public works August 24, 2016, to rehabilitate three ferries along the sanaga river in some villages in Upper Sanaga...

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CNIC holds 150 Board session


Board members of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd met at Akwa Palace Douala on May 11, 2022,for their 150th session with the following in the agenda : Reading...

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German made crane in shipyard


  The General Manager of I the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd, Maxime Roland AKA”A NDI’I April 28, 2022, presided over the technical reception ceremony of the German brand TADANO...

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Mont-Mandara dredger leaves CNIC


Mont-Mandara the Ports Authority of Douala dredger Mont-Mandara dredger belonging to the Ports Authority of Douala has left CNIC’s quai site after 21 days of repair works. According to Wayan Kobaisou...

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BIR’s renewed confidence


Green Tree the Rapid Intervention Battalion vessel Green Tree vessel belonging to the Rapid Intervention Battalion otherwise known by its French acronym as BIR is being repaired at CNIC. According to...

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CNIC’s policy makers meet


The 149th Board session of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd The 149th Board session of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd preceded the Ordinary General Assembly. The March 30...

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CNIC: Shareholders concert


CNIC: Shareholders concert Meeting at Akwa Palace hotel for their 148th session on March 02, 2022, CNIC Board members under the coordination of Mr Louis Claude Nyassa had seven points to...

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CNIC at PROMOTE 2022 edition


CNIC at PROMOTE Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Limited (CNIC) posed a remarkable participation at this year’s International Trade Fair for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Partners code-named PROMOTE. The...

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CNIC: Session 147 Board members


CNIC: Session 147 Board members of Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Limited met in Akwa Palace hotel, Douala during their 147th session on February 23, 2022. A total of 8 points...

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Limbe Shipyard welcomes Natt


Limbe Shipyard welcomes Natt Limbe Shipyard is playing host to Natt, a rig owned by a multinational company, BOTT-Drilling. The rig that arrived CNIC’s Limbe site on October 13, 2021, according...

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CNIC receives sophisticated


CNIC receives sophisticated equipment The Limbe Shipyard Project has received some sophisticated workshop equipment. The pool of machines include: four welding machines, workshop transport and handling machines such as lifting equipment...

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Shareholders in conclave


Shareholders in conclave Share holders of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd met in Douala on April 30, 2021 in an Ordinary General Assembly to chart the way forward for...

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Another Board meeting holds


Another Board meeting holds One week after the 143rd Session, Board members of Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd met at the Conference Hall of AKwa Palace Hotel for the 144th...

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143rd Board Session holds


143rd Board Session holds The 143rd Session of the Board of Directors meeting took place at Sawa Hotel, Douala on April 14, 2021, with Louis Claude NYASSA, Board Chair presiding. Working...

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Saipem TAD is back to CNIC


Saipem TAD is back to CNIC

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CNIC at SAGO 2020


CNIC at SAGO 2020 The Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd (CNIC) participated actively in 9th edition of the « Salon de l’Action Gouvernemental » (SAGO) which took place in Yaounde...

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CNIC holds 142nd Board session


Meeting over Limbe shipyard project holds in Yaounde The 142nd Board of Directors meeting of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd took place on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at the...

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Meeting over Limbe shipyard project holds in Yaounde


Meeting over Limbe shipyard project holds in Yaounde The inter-ministerial committee in charge of transfer of operations of the physical infrastructure in the maritime domain at the Limbe Shipyard Yard Project...

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DG/CNIC at MINT’s new SG The General Manger of CNIC, Maxime Roland Aka’a Ndi’i was one of the dignitaries at the installation ceremony of the recently appointed Secretary General of the...

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Mixed control mission in CNIC


Mixed control mission in CNIC A joint control and evaluation mission comprising officials from the ministry of finance, (CTR, DGB), MINTRANS and MINEPAT arrived CNIC on June 23, 2020 to begin...

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New management team takes command in CNIC


Extraordinary Board Session held on Friday, June 26, 2020 Friday, June 26, 2020, a new management team takes over command in CNIC. Mr Maxime Roland AKA’A NDI’I, civil administrator of exceptional...

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CNIC consoles late DG’s family


CNIC consoles late DG’s family. On May 19, 2020 a powerful delegation from CNIC, led by the company’s board chairman, Louis Claude Nyassa paid a condolence visit to the family of...

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Board chair meets with top management


Following the passing into glory of the general manager of the shipyard, Mr Forgwei Alfred Mbeng on April 25, 2020, the board chair, Louis Claude Nyassa summoned the deputy general...

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CNIC announces additional covid combat measures


On April 27, 2020, the entire premises, including offices and service cars were disinfected by the covid team from Deido district hospital, under the strict supervision of the deputy general...

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CNIC takes measures against covid-19


CNIC has taken tough measures to combat the deadly corona virus that has been ravaging the population for some time now. The first step was taken through a service note signed...

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New Age eyes Limbe Shipyard


New Age Cameroon Offshore Petroleum SA has indicated interest in extending its tentacles to Limbe Shipyard. The general manager of CNIC, Mr Forgwei Alfred Mbeng and that of New Age, Bruno...

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New international competitive bidding


International competitive bidding of April 28, 2020 The notices of international open tenders of April 28, 2020 are as follows: OPENED INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING N° 016/CNIC/LSP/ICB/WE/A5/2020/DA01/010 FOR PROCUREMENT OF WORKSHOPS EQUIPMENT (DESIGN...

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CNIC women celebrate womanhood


CNIC WOMEN CELEBRATE WOMANHOOD The female folks of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd, abbreviated in French as CNIC joined their counterparts the world over to celebrate the 35th International...

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The CNIC at the 3rd edition of the JMPN


Our company participated from January 14 to 16, 2020, in the 3rd edition of the National Maritime and Port Days (JMPN) held in the city of Limbé. It was under the...

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Wishes 2020 at MINT


Happy New Year, Mr. Minister The ceremony for the presentation of 2020 wishes to Transport Minister Jean Ernest Masséna Ngallé Bibehe and the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Transport Njoya...

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AfDB visits CNIC


The visit that took place on December 21, 2019, started with a Working Session in CNIC’s head office, Douala and ended with a site inspection tour at the Limbe Shipyard...

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CNIC closes 2018 accounts


This was during the 139th Board session that took place on December 18, 2019 under the chairmanship of Mr Louis Claude Nyassa. For five hours, Board members deliberated on eight items...

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CNIC welcomes Frigg


The rig that belongs to Borr drilling arrived on Sunday, December 3, 2019. It is expected to be in Limbe for some weeks. On hand to welcome Mr Shaun Reay, Offshore...

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GM tours production units


The visit to ex-UIC and Bert 17 on November 1, 2019, was to boost the morale of workers. This is a routine practice instituted by Mr Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, CEO of...

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CNIC promotes bilingualism, multiculturalism


In a bid to implement some of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue that took place in Yaounde on September 30, 2019, the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd...

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CNIC to extend to Kribi


  The convention signed August 9, 2019, by the Chief Executive officers (CEOs) of the two state structures in Kribi will facilitate CNIC’s extension to Kribi. In his welcome speech, Mr.Patrice Melom...

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CNIC welcomes AfDB trainees


Mr. Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, General Manager urged the five trainees to make the most of this opportunity that the government has given them and beef up their CVs. The ceremony...

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CNIC adopts 2019 budget


The session that was dedicated to the examination and adoption of the 2019 budget equally witnessed some issues discussed. The Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd otherwise abbreviated CNIC in French...

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CNIC GM faces journalists at PROMOTE


Mr. Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, February 20, 2019, during the two hour exchange with pressmen talked about the restructuring process of the company as well as the social climate. The press conference...

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Happy New Year Mr. Minister


These words were re-echoed by several dignitaries at the esplanade of the ministry of transport, January 25, 2019. CNIC like other companies under the supervision of that ministry dispatched a delegation...

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General Assembly takes place


On December 28, 2018, CNIC Board Room hosted two high profile meetings: an extra ordinary general assembly and an ordinary assembly meeting.     During the extra ordinary general assembly, a report written...

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CNIC holds 133rd Board meeting


Board members of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd met at the company head office in Douala on August 2, 2018 for the 133rd board session. The meeting that also...

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CNIC holds 132nd Board meeting


A total of nine Resolutions were taken with the view of fast-tracking the ongoing restructuring process. The meeting that was presided by Mr. Louis Claude Nyassa, Board Chair took place on...

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