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Limbe Shipyard welcomes Natt


Limbe Shipyard is playing host to Natt, a rig owned by a multinational company, BOTT-Drilling. The rig that arrived CNIC’s Limbe site on October 13, 2021, according to Mr Yves Mebengue, Project Manager, shall spend at least five weeks at the site. Some repair works are also expected to be carried out in the flouting engine.

CNIC receives sophisticated equipment


The Limbe Shipyard Project has received some sophisticated workshop equipment. The pool of machines include: four welding machines, workshop transport and handling machines such as lifting equipment and accessories, being part of a command being supplied by a Spanish company, Redondo Y Carca S A under the technical supervision of société Générale de Surveilance SGS and financed by AfDB.


During the provisionary reception in Limbe on October 7 and in Douala on October 8, 2021, the stakeholders were unanimous that the arrival of the equipment is likely to boost production at the Shipyard.


The reception was followed by the training of some CNIC staff on how to manipulate the equipment.

Another Board meeting holds


One week after the 143rd Session, Board members of Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd met at the Conference Hall of AKwa Palace Hotel for the 144th session.

The April 21st meeting was presided over by the company’s Board Chairman, Mr Louis Claude Nyassa.

Working documents presented by Mr Roland Maxime AKA’A NDI’I. I who was assisted Mr Abel Bobuin Bisiya WEBNJOH, general manager and deputy general manager, respectively, during the six (6) hour meeting were hailed as satisfactory.

Shareholders in conclave


Share holders of the Cameroon Shipyard and Industrial Engineering Ltd met in Douala on April 30, 2021 in an Ordinary General Assembly to chart the way forward for the structure. The agenda included: examination of management report of the Board of Directors, general and special reports of the external auditor on regulated agreements, approval of the summary financial statements of the company as at December 31, 2020, allocation of income, vote on resolutions and powers of formalities,etc.

This meeting took place in the presence of the General Manager and Deputy General Manager Roland Maxime AKA'A NDI'I and WEBNJOH Abel Bobuin Bisiya, respectively.

143rd Board Session holds


The 143rd Session of the Board of Directors meeting took place at Sawa Hotel, Douala on April 14, 2021, with Louis Claude NYASSA, Board Chair presiding. Working documents were presented by Roland Maxime AKA’A NDI’I, assisted by Abel Bobuin Bisiya WEBNJOH, General Manager and Deputy, respectively.

The day was marked by a seven-point agenda: Adoption of the agenda, examination and adoption of the minutes of the 142nd session, state of the execution of the resolutions and recommendations of the 142 Board Meeting, examination and validation of the report of activity report of 2019 as well as the 2019 accounts. The preparation of the dossier of the General Assembly also featured conspicuously on the agenda, The session that started at 11 AM ended at 6 PM after serious deliberations aimed at ameliorating the out put of the company.