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Mr. Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, February 20, 2019, during the two hour exchange with pressmen talked about the restructuring process of the company as well as the social climate.


The press conference was moderated by Minister Ngalle Bibehe Jean Ernest in the company of the minister delegate at the ministry of transport, Njoya Zakariaou.

Mr. Forgwei Alfred Mbeng, was asked to explain how far the restructuring process has gone and how the company intends to galvanize the funds needed to pay off all the retrenched workers. The second question had to do with what the company is doing to solve the problem of workers who are constantly on strike in front of public buildings over nonpayment of their retrenchment rights.

The GM started his exposé by stating that the social plan was just one of the components of the entire restructuring plan 2015-2017. Mr. Forgwei said it sounded out of place to be talking about retrenchment at the time the government is in search of jobs for youths.

Hear him: “CNIC management was faced with a difficult choice to make between laying off over 300 workers or watching the company grinds to a halt.”

As for the payment of retrenchment dues, he was unequivocal that all those who have gone away either for economic reasons or voluntary departure have been paid, 100 per cent.

On the financial aspect of the restructuring programme, he cited the NSIF and the taxation department that converted CNIC debts to share capital. He averred that this move has put the ministry of finance as the majority share holder of the company.

Concerning the recurrent strikes in front of public buildings, the GM attributed the incidents to misinformation on the part of those manifesting and the media. He made it clear that apart from some 22 workers who have never turned up to collect their last payment, all the temporary workers paid off since 2010 had received their payment 100 per cent and had signed total conciliatory papers thereof. He suggested that the ambiguity could have stemmed from the fact that unlike the recent retrenchment exercise, the laid off temporary workers were paid gradually according to the resources available at the time.

The visibly surprised audience was further shocked when the GM revealed that since 2016, there have been no strike action at CNIC and that the social environment has become very cordial as workers now receive salaries regularly.

On the challenges, the GM noted that even though the company has just stepped up its capital by FCFA 3 billion, it still needs resources to overhaul its equipment pool. He also informed journalists that the government had authorized the company to search for a viable technical partner that can boost both the production and the marketing efforts of the company.