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Dock 500T solicited again

Dock 500T has again been put to use, this time around with Agape 1 vessel belonging to Inter Marine. For some days, the vessel was washed and painted at the end of which the customer expressed satisfaction for the job well done.


Roi Madola on Bamusso

Roi Madola, a vessel belonging to Smit Lamnalco was on dock 10 000T for twenty days for surface treatment, painting, thruster repair work and propeller polishing and many others.


Dock 500T welcomes Chalutier ATT 288

Dock 500tonnes, August, 2023 played host to chalutier ATT 288. During the two weeks, CNIC technicians carried out sandblasting, washing, mechanical work and painting with the customer saluting the professionalism of CNIC workers.


CNIC support football in Edea

CNIC joined other companies under the ministry of transport, 19 August, 2023 to galvalise support for the finalists of the football competition organised by the ‘la main tendue’ foundation whose honorary president is the Minister of transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle.


MINT receives New Year Wishes 2023

The Minister of Transport and Minister Delegate at the Ministry of transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe and Njoya Zakariatou, respectively, received New Year wishes from the transport family on January 30, 2023.